In this story inspired by real characters, three girls from America, Nigeria and India are trafficked through an elaborate global network and enslaved in a Texas brothel, and must together attempt a daring escape to reclaim their freedom. 

London Rampage

Think you know London? Think again…London Rampage takes you on a dangerous journey through a modern city that carefully hides its dark underbelly of drugs, extortion, guns and illegal fight tournaments.

A Fish Story

After his sudden death, a devoted father’s search for heaven brings him back to his distraught family and his wilderness fishing camp for a few precious days in the body of a wanted man.

Strike One

Juan Garcia is a boy on the threshold of manhood living in a gang-controlled neighborhood. With the future on his doorstep, Juan, like most boys, can only think of girls and is unaware of the judicial system's hard line stance against gang affiliation.


Girls Just Dance

"Footloose" Meets "Mean Girls." After the death of her mother, high school freshman Bloom moves in with her hapless uncle and tries to fit in.

Before The Fall

Cambodia 1975: The capital Phnom Penh has become a city under siege. Only the presence of the last remaining US forces is keeping Khmer Rouge guerrilla forces from overrunning the town's fragile defenses. Inside this dark, dystopian setting a stunning nightclub singer engages in a battle of wits and deception with two lovers in a bid to escape the doomed metropolis.

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California Pictures produces and distributes motion picture content worldwide. The company is focused on creating and distributing great feature films, documentaries and future television content with dynamic characters, strong and personally identifiable themes and powerful journeys for a worldwide audience. Read the WSJ Article featuring California Pictures!

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We have an exhibitor booth at the major film markets including Cannes, the American Film Market and Hong Kong. We also frequently attend Sundance, Berlin, Toronto and Mipcom film festivals and markets.  Between the markets we proactively meet and work with media buyers worldwide. Contact us if we can help you with asset creation or finance including reviewing film and media asset libraries and potential acquisitions. Read more ABOUT US.

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