A Mermaid for Christmas

A mermaid movie filled with warmth, humor, whimsy, magic, and a Christmas miracle. A combine classic Christmas movie themes with an escapist fantasy element that only a mermaid can provide!

Devil Blues

Two rival record collectors attempt to con an old lady out of a rare, but cursed, 1930s Blues record. When a series of unfortunate circumstances lands them in jail, the feud festers for over twenty years until they are released from prison and get a second chance at snagging the vinyl, this time from a more formidable foe.


In 1941 Ulric Cross, a young man from Trinidad, leaves his island home to seek his fortune. He survives the WW2 as the RAF’s most decorated West Indian.


A Ph.D. student investigates unusual seismic activity in Los Angeles, leading to a cabal of elitist scientists, who plan to weaponize Nikola Tesla's most secret research to manipulate thought patterns and earthquakes.


Angela believe she is possessed by an other worldly force with evil intentions for her little sister. From producer Max Borenstein, writer of Godzilla: King of Monsters and King Kong: Skull Island. WINNER Best Independent Film - National Film & Television Awards.


In this story inspired by real characters, three girls from America, Nigeria and India are trafficked through an elaborate global network and enslaved in a Texas brothel, and must together attempt a daring escape to reclaim their freedom. 


Dorcha tells of a curious tale about Death, Demons and Deception channeled through Changelings, Witchcraft and everything in between.


Best friends Samuel and Jesse travel to London after a life-changing event in Samuel's life. They find themselves in trouble with the Punjabi mafia, Interpol and in inappropriate couplings.

Million Loves in Me:

MILLION LOVES IN ME follows the story of a wealthy mother and daughter who suffer from the psychological issues of obsessive-compulsive disorders, and their controversial private lives are exposed to the public through a charge of their animal hoarding behavior by the police. 

London Rampage

Think you know London? Think again…London Rampage takes you on a dangerous journey through a modern city that carefully hides its dark underbelly of drugs, extortion, guns and illegal fight tournaments.

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